Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunny Saturday

Today was a beautiful sunny Saturday. It was the weekend of our neighborhood garage sale (although they really need to just hold it every other year - there weren't enough houses having a sale). Hubs had afternoon/evening plans, so we decided to go for a walk through the neighborhood. Jazzy was very happy to come along! We took the baby in her carrier, and she did great. We've been trying to put her in it more so she can get used to it, and also to put hats on her more so she will learn to like sun hats. She was happy the whole time, and took a long nap when we got back.

Completely unrelated... I'm very happy that I'm still able to take decent self-portraits, even while holding a baby. I tend to be our primary photographer, and most pictures that include me are self-portraits. Little Bean has started seeing things around her and reacting more to them. While I was taking pictures of us, she noticed the little orange light on our camera that lights up when taking a shot. She loved it and would look right at the camera and smile. Also, while getting ready to feed her, I put my nursing cover on, and for the first time, she noticed the flowered print on the cover. She just stared at it and smiled big. It's so sweet to watch her wake up to the pretty world around her. =)

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Reformed Grits said...

She's darling! It's so cute to see their personalities come out. Great pics! I could never do that. You'd just see half my head....