Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today was our second ultrasound to ensure that my placenta had moved to the proper position. Thankfully, it has. Praise God!

It was such a joy to see our baby girl again. She looked healthy and is growing really well. The doctor said she has lots of hair, which explains my current Tums addiction. He lowered her weight expectation to about 7.75 pounds, and confirmed that he still agrees with our general due date.

Every time the doctor tried to take a picture of her face, she had her hands up. I'm praying that she will put them down in time for the delivery.

It was so fun to see her nose and her lips. I love this picture and how her lips are squished up on her arm. She looks like she's sleeping happily.

I am doing well, although I miss the ability to roll over in bed. She is due in 51 days, although I would be just happy if she wanted to come a little early. Well, not too early, our to-do list is still quite a bit longer than I'd like.


lizzykristine said...

I love sonogram pictures. :) How exciting!

Shari said...

she has your lips!!

kel said...

Shari -

I know...it's it funny? Lots of people have told me that she looks like me. I hope she really does. =)